This part of the site is dedicated to the
       great london engraver and painter
         William Hogarth (1697-1764)
   many may well be familiar with his work,
   from 'Gin Lane' and other such iconic 
 images.The original prints were made from
      engravings copied from his original
 paintings.The prints were sold as a cheap
 option for popular distribution,these prints
   were rich in detail and very popular,one 
    of the first means of mass production.
     The prints were limited to black ink
   and are excellent,purists may disagree
   with my efforts to colour them but they
 have been tinted to the original hues of the
   paintings,some of the prints were made 
  from sketch so I have taken license with
  the colours and applied them as I thought
 appropriate.It is difficult to represent detail
 on the web but rest assured not too much
        is lost in the colouring process.
 Hogarth Prints are available in A4 size and
      can be ordered online at £9.50 each   
                  p&p included in UK
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