Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)
    Japanese artist well known for his many 
               famous  woodblock prints.
  He is primarily known for the  'Great Wave',  
 anyone interested in Hokusai may well know
 many of his most popular prints,but you may 
  not know most of the images on this part of 
 the site..Hokusai's output was  prodigious,
  many of his prints have faded away with
 time, tides and the sun,seems a great loss 
 to us,we have therefore reworked many of 
    these images as they became available.
  Please roll your cursor over the image on 
              the right to see the result.
 These reworks are not intended to emulate
    the look of prints of that period but have
       all been completely redrawn and 
  colourised to a style that is somewhat more
    to a contemporary minimal graphic taste.
  Have a browse,all reworks have been done
       to retain the form of the artists line.

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