This section of the site contains samples of basic retouching
of old photographs and modern Digital Camera Files up to
complete reconstruction and removal of undesired elements. 
Old Photographs should be scanned at 300d.p.i and saved as a high 
               quality jpeg and sent via this sites upload facility.
DO NOT risk the loss of irreplacable old photographs by sending them via
the postal system unless this is your only recourse,much more advisable
to get them scanned by a local Digital shop if you do not have a scanner.
Once your image has been uploaded and price agreed completed work will
     be sent to you by e mail as a watermarked image for your approval.
      Upon approval and full payment your unmarked image will be sent.

Good quality prints can be supplied (up to A4 size)for £5.00 and images 
put on CD for archival puposes at £2.00 extra...p&p average cost £2.00
Prices start from £15.00 for retouch and cleanup,Colourisation and more
complex restoration will be an extra £15.00....these prices are a very 
rough guide so please do submit your images for assessment and get a
quote on a price that we feel is reasonable and relevant to work needed.
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Please note that some samples are complete makeovers of photos
done in various artistic styles..these are time consuming and strictly
           subject to a quote...all are clearly marked as such.
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